Building Muscles Without Gaining Fat

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As we know that it is kind of hard doing the right thing especially when it comes to muscles building, there are some factors that you have to know in the first place so that you will get to know the real function of the thing that you take. Bulking up in the terms of muscles without gaining fat is something that is so hard to do, it can make you so frustrated and there are some people that tend to give up because they do not have the proper way to get it.

Recent news in Kenya

The democratic politic in Kenya is becoming hotter each day as the country moves closer to the general elections in 2017. This is evident in the recent tour of our president Uhuru Kenyatta in the Western and Eastern parts of the country to hunt for votes. It is believed by the political analysts that these regions form the opposition’s stronghold. According to the recent results released by Ipsos Synovate Researcher Tom Wolf reported that majority of the citizens who had high hopes in the current government feel the government has betrayed them and as a result the civil politic is tremendously losing votes. The president, therefore, has found reason to woo his supporters by trying to at least win trust from them. With these he has toured these parts to open up projects that will be beneficial to them. In the last few days, the president has been going round opening projects in the western Kenya to prove to them that he is still interested with them and has not neglected them as they have been made to believe. For example he has given a charter to Kibabii University which will help the region to raise its education level. He also has commissioned Lwakhakha border between Kenya and Uganda which will ease free movement of people, goods and services in the East Africa region. Moreover, he is also expected to revive the Nzoia Sugar Company which has deteriorated over the year and as a result will create even more job opportunities to the region.

Over the past few days, the opposition government has risen against the government over the defects the government has. Some of them include corruption, unemployment, high cost of living among others. According to the opposition leaders and the non-governmental organization, they feel that the government has failed in the management of public funds and resources. For example, the western region has been in the fore-front to campaign against the increasing rate of unemployment bearing in mind the government vowed to increase jobs for the youths all over the country. On the contrary, the devolution ministry which was assigned this honourable task of creating more jobs has failed and has engaged itself wholly in the misappropriation of funds which were meant to help the youths. As a result, the president finds reason to visit them and clear this “undeserving” taint by opening even more projects that will help the youths in the region.

Recently, the government has also been accused of neglecting the court orders bearing in mind that they are the same courts that put them in power after their general election’s outcomes were rejected by the opposition party. The recent ordeal is the refusal to honour the teacher pay hike which left most people with a lot of unanswerable questions as to how legible the government is since it has clearly shown its abilities to influence the courts decisions and outcomes bearing the judiciary is an independent body from executive and legislature. This has put a lot of pressure on the government and has left it with no option but to try to regain its trust from the Kenyan citizens by explaining to the citizens how it is ready to support the teachers. For example, the president has authorized the employment agent to pay the withheld teacher’s pay as a result of the strike in September and also hold negotiations to come up with a Contract Bargaining Agreement.

Euro bond as a financier tool to investors in many countries has been of great help. However, in Kenya, the opposition watch guards feel that the government is misusing the fund approximated to be sh141 billion. They have highly questioned the use of the funds because they feel that the funds were to much and no reasonable projects have been done. As a result, the government has been left with no option but to break down the usage of the funds and also explain to the nation how these funds have been used. The president has not left out this in his tour. He feels that the government has done a tremendous job and needs to be given time to finish its unfinished projects.

In his tour, Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has not left out the rich bloc Rift Valley which is his stronghold. In the past few days, the region has been faced with wrangles over his ruling. Some leaders have been feeling that he has not been doing enough to the people and has also neglected his own party counterparts. This has brought a lot of commotions in the region with many leaders threatening to move away from the ruling party. The president has therefore felt threatened by this and therefore has found the dire need to meet the leaders and find a long lasting solution.

In conclusion, the politics in Kenya are becoming interesting and all eyes should watch as things unfold.

Pakistan Prime Minister writes to woman separatist leader in Kashmir

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Hon Nawaz Sharif has written to Dukhtaran-e-Millat Asiya Andrab, the main leader of women pro-independence outfit. In his letter, he has praised the role played by her with her going ahead and pledging moral, diplomatic as well as political support of his government.

The prime minister said that the argument that the United Nations’ resolutions concerning the Kashmir subject have become out of date and obsolete and was not valid anymore. He has called for early enactment of these resolutions. Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says that Insha Allah will always continue standing side by side with Kashmiris with even more and more determination.

The message in the letter written by Sharif was as a response to the communication made by the fire-brand pro-self-rule leader, where she has expressed her total satisfaction over the Pakistan government policy on the Kashmir matter.

The Prime Minister has told Andrabi that they his expression of faith in the current strategy is a matter of perfect satisfaction for him. He also said that the Pakistan government does not at any point look at Kashmir issue being a boundary or geographical dispute. According to the prime minister, as far as the government is concerned, it is the perhaps the issue which concerns the implementation of the formulation which is attached with the Indian division back in 1947. He attacked India by saying that the process of prolonging the issue actually does not mean that the United Nations’ resolutions have completely lost their relevance.

He added that in the olden days, Pakistan never lagged behind when it came to extending political, moral as well as diplomatic support given to the Kashmiris courtesy of their unwavering struggle and that Insha Allah will keep on standing shoulder to shoulder with the Kashmiris with more and more determination.”